Employment Disputes

Employment disputes are frequently solved through ADR.  ADR allow parties to sit down and discuss issues rather than let issues fester, lead to termination or go unaddressed. Whether the disputes arise between co-workers, employer/employee, outside contractors or customers, ADR provides a vehicle for identifying needs, addressing expectations, improving communications and supporting productive problem solving. ADR can help with Employment issues regarding:

•    Sexual Harassment                           • Employment Contracts
•    Policies and Procedures                   • Discipline and Discharge
•    Discrimination                                  • Benefits
•    Whistleblowers’ Claims                    • Safety and Work Environment

Family Disputes

Family disputes are especially conducive to ADR. ADR allows for the family members to decide issues about their own family rather than having a judge decide how a family dispute is resolved. ADR also provides for confidentiality of very private family matters. ADR can save a lot of time when time is of the essence.  It can also be a lot more cost effective than litigation—important when divorce or other family changes make finances a concern. Through ADR, even though the family structure changes, family relationships are less likely to be strained because ADR focuses on cooperating to find solutions.  ADR can help with Family issues such as:

•    Divorce                                                    •  Child Support                
•    Custody                                                   • Change of Domicile
•    Parenting Time                                        • Post Divorce Issues
•    Property and Debt Division                    • Spousal Support

And More!

Personal Injury, Public Policy Disputes, Neighbor Disputes, Consumer Protection, Educational Issues, Probate, Real Estate Matters, Contract Claims, Franchise Issues, Lemon Law Cases, Etc