Multi-Party Mediation / Facilitation

Q.    What are some examples of when Multi-Party Mediation/Facilitation may be used? 

A.    Some examples of Multi-Party Mediations/Facilitations are:

1.    A highway interchange is being planned through a neighborhood. In the Mediation/Facilitation all stakeholders (e.g. businesses, residents, environmentalists, government officials, etc.) are brought together to discuss the economic, safety, environmental, physical, governmental, political, etc. implications of the project and how best to carry it out.

2.    A church is in turmoil because of issues within the congregation over the church by-laws, programming, leadership, care of the physical structure, etc. In the Mediation/Facilitation stakeholders (e.g. members, Directors, deacons, trustees and ministries) are separately interviewed and later convened to decide how best to resolve their conflicts.

3.    Tension is building in a neighborhood over alleged police misconduct and rising crime.  In the Mediation/Facilitation, the stakeholders (e.g. residents, police, community leaders, neighborhood businesses and local government) work together to establish a plan to identify needs, increase understanding and diffuse tensions.