Collaborative Divorce

1.   Q.    What are the benefits of a collaborative divorce over a litigated divorce?

A.  In a Collaborative divorce, all the professionals and the parties are committed to work together for the benefit of the entire family. Their goal is to be open, honest and transparent about all matters related to the divorce, and to show civility toward each other. The Collaborative process addresses emotional, financial and other issues that often are unaddressed or improperly addressed in the typical divorce. In a Collaborative divorce, each party has the advantage of their own attorney, with the added advantage of a team of all other needed professionals committed to collaborating to achieve an outcome that best serves the interests of the family.

2.   Q.   With all those professionals, does a Collaborative Divorce get expensive?

A.  Not necessarily. However, Collaborative divorces usually involve multiple emotional, financial and other issues.  In most situations, the various professionals do not work at the same time. As a result, parties replace one professional who is not needed on an issue with another (who may be less expensive), so they are only paying one professional at a time.  For example, if a couple agrees, they may only need to meet about property division with their financial analyst, or only meet about parenting time with their child psychologist and the attorneys need not be present.  Since the participants are always working with the best professional for that particular issue, time is more efficiently spent and costs can be kept reasonable. Also, since there is limited court time, all the waiting, preparation of motions and other court related activities are eliminated except for the few steps needed for entry of the Final Judgment of Divorce.